A dedicated, standalone LRIT transceiver, to fulfill your global LRIT compliance requirements, including A4 regions

Sirius One – LRIT Transciever


The Falcon Mega Solution’s SIRIUS One LRIT Transceiver is your dedicated solution for achieving LRIT compliance. This standalone transceiver offers a comprehensive range of features designed to keep you on track and connected

Experience the robust, reliable, and low cost LRIT with the Falcon Mega Solutions. Your journey to compliance and connectivity begins here.

Key Benfits


  • Compact and lightweight, Ensuring hassle-free installation.
  • Simple standalone operation – just add power.
  • Fits directly on a 1”-14 pipe, providing flexibility in placement.
  • Report format compliant with LRIT standards.
Fully self-contained transceiver

Compact and self-sufficient transceiver ensures effortless installation and operation, making LRIT compliance a breeze

Built-in GPS and GLONASS antenna

Benefit from precise positioning data with the integrated GPS and GLONASS antenna, guaranteeing accurate tracking in any region

Built-in Iridium antenna

Stay globally connected through the Iridium satellite network, offering uninterrupted LRIT compliance and reliable communication

Heater for sub-zero charging

Designed to withstand extreme conditions, our transceiver includes a heater for sub-zero charging, ensuring consistent functionality in harsh environments

LED status indicators

Stay informed with at-a-glance LED status indicators, providing real-time updates on your LRIT compliance and connectivity

Internal battery operational for up to 24 hrs

Experience uninterrupted tracking and compliance with an internal battery that keeps you covered for up to 24 hours, even in the most remote areas