Route Planning

Route Monitoring

Route Monitoring tool helps companies to economize vessel voyages and the data is made available for future forecasting and analysis.

Different Areas of Interest and Restricted Areas can be created as a polygon, circle, and rectangle, to get alerts on entry and exit of the area.

Our Rout Monitoring Tool can be utilized through various satellite terminals including dedicated Orbcomm’s IDP Terminals and various existing Inmarsat C Terminals onboard the vessels.

Key Functionalities

  • Create Routes for entire fleet
    Assign Route to one or multiple vessels.
  • View and Edit the Routes manually or graphically on map.
  • Import and Export Route, in Excel, in different coordinate formats.
  • Add, edit or delete Area of Interests, for In and Out Notifications.
  • Add, edit or delete Restricted Areas, for In and Out Notifications.
  • Marker Tool to Test the Route and Areas.

Key Benefits

  • Safeguard against deviation of vessel’s set rout
  • Monitoring of vessel progress on route
  • Early Notification on route deviation
  • X-Track; distance between set route and vessel position
  • In and Out Notifications on set point or area of interest
  • Notifications on entry and exit of restricted areas
  • ETA update as vessel progresses on the route
  • Distance Measurement tool from vessel location to point of interest
  • Calculations are in Maritime Format
Key Features
Added Coordinates Manually

Advantages of Route Monitoring

Vessel Route Monitoring developed by FMS is an Application for Orbcomm IDP Terminal to economize the use of prepaid Airtime Units for the benefit of the customers of FMS. In addition, a Route can be assigned to multiple assets.

Route Monitoring Tool is part of Falcon Mega Track, which also provides many other features and services including Vessel Tracking and Ship Security Alert System (SSAS).

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