Ship Security Alert System

FMT-SSAS-V1 & Vessel Tracker

Ship Security Alert System


Ship Security Alert System (SSAS) is part of the ISPS code and is a system that contributes to the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO)’s efforts to strengthen maritime security and suppress acts of terrorism and piracy against shipping.

We offer FMT-SSAS-V1 Ship Security Alert System (SSAS) which is fully compliant with IMO regulations. In addition, it is an advanced Ship Security Alert System, consists of Orbcomm ST6100 Terminal, with global satellite connectivity over the IsatData Pro network; two Panic Buttons; and Power Pack.

FMT-SSAS-V1 enables companies to track and monitor their vessels and boats, giving them increased visibility of business operations, enhanced efficiency, and greater safety and security for their vessels and boats, while lowering operational costs.


10 MOST Beneficial Reasons for a Vessel Owner to get

Ship Security Alert System (FMT-SSAS-V1)

for their Vessel

Download FMT-SSAS-V1 and FMT-SSAS-V2 PDF Brochure

Key Benefits

Orbcomm ST6100, Inmarsat ISatData Pro Terminal, is running Falcon Mega Solutions developed software that enhances Marine Asset Tracking and Ship Security Alert System features, including;

  • Track by Time – Time based Tracking;
  • Track by Distance – Travelled Distanced based Tracking, for more info…
  • Power Monitoring – The software of the terminal to track and monitor the power supply of the vessel to the terminal, and power failure warning;
  • V-Mail Software – Satellite Communication, for more info…
  • FMT Control Panel –  is a Secure HTTP encrypted and password-protected, user-friendly and feature-rich web application to provide full control of FMT Terminals installed onboard the vessels. Visit…
Ship Security Alert System (SSAS) Key Features

Key Features

FMT-SSAS-V1 is second to none in prime features


Tracker + SSAS Function

Class Type Approved, Inmarsat Type Approve, CE Mark, FCC, RoHS, Anatel; Perfect for marine environment

Global Coverage of Inmarsat

Quick Activation

User Friendly Control Panel


Prepaid Airtime System - FMT Units


Airtime usage report

Distance and Bearing from 5 nearest Ports

Two Years Tracking History

Global Weather and Forecasting

Astronomical Calculations e.g. Sun Rise, Sun Set, Dawn, Solar Noon, Dusk, Day Light Period, Night Period

V-Mail Support

Powered by External 24V DC - Suitable for Vessels having no Power Failure


Low Power Consumption - Rx: 45mA, with GPS: 60mA; Tx: 0.75A; Sleep: 0.1 mA


Inmarsat’s Satellites and Obrcomm’s best Hardware makes the solution unique

  • ISatData Pro Satellite Terminals, by Orbcomm;
  •  Robust hardware to stand with harsh marine Environment;
  • Highly Reliable Servers, 99.99% uptime, running 24/7 with FMT Control Panel, the core application is the backbone of SSAS & Tracking system;
  • Secure Web Access to FMT Control Panel through HTTPS;
  • Prepaid Billing System, with 2 years billing and usage history online;
  • V-Mail Support – the Software specifically designed for IDP terminals.

ORBCOMM at-a-glance:

  • The largest satellite IoT and M2M player in the world
  • The industry standard for satellite communications
  • The most versatile single source for satellite, cellular and dual-mode offerings
  • The innovative leader in IoT and M2M technologies
  • The industry’s largest, most diverse technical team
Inmarsat Satellite Coverage Map


Inmarsat IsatData Pro has global coverage

IsatData Pro At-a-Glance
  • Global, Two-Way, Reliable Inmarsat Satellite Service
  • Higher Messaging Capability (Up to 6.4/10 bytes from/to device)
  • Lowest Latency (< 15s latency for 100 bytes)
  • Supports Broadcasting, Multicasting
  • Cost-Effective Data Plans, Pooling Options

Types of Reports

FMT-SSAS-V1 has the following types of report

  • Automatic Position Report (APR) – Time based Reporting
  • Track By Distance – Distance-based Reporting
  • SSAS Alert Reporting;
  • SSAS Reset Alert Reporting
  • Poll for a Position – Report on Demand
  • Power Failure and Restore Warnings
  • Weekly and Monthly FMT-Units Usage Reports
Ship Security Alert System (SSAS) Email Types of Reports

250+ Customers

Active on Falcon Mega Track

40000+ Emails

Delivery by Falcon Mega Track

10000+ Positions

Reports Daily

2 Years History

of Vessel Positions & Air Time

24/7 Support

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