Distance Measure

Distance Measure tool is used to calculate the distance from asset to another point or multiple points. You can calculate the length of a path, running route, fence, border, or the perimeter of any object that appears on map. The distance will then display measurement of the length in Nautical Miles and direction in angle(Bearing).

Use this tool to draw a line on a map and find its length. This line can represent the outline of a property, a running route or to trace the outline of any border on a map. This tool can also used to find out the distance of fence from asset position. Visit…

Key Benefits

  • Find Direction of destination
  • Distance Measurement
  • Find the most efficient and Time saver Route
  • Secure Ship
  • Find Asset on Map
Distance Measure ship to ship

Advantages of Distance Measuring

Calculates the most efficient route from a set of addresses or coordinates.

Distance Measuring Tool helps you to find out the nearest fence distance from asset position. which help’s you to save your ship from pirate attacks.

The direction of any position can be found easily. Which ensures the asset navigator that the asset is moving in the right direction.

Easily Find the distance between two ships and the direction of the other ship.