Falcon Mega Solutions Marine Fleet Management, Ship Security Alert System, and Inmarsat C-SSAS Integration services

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Falcon Mega Solutions (FMS) is a leading service provider and offers state-of-the-art in Marine Fleet Management, Tracking, and Ship Security Alert System services to Offshore, Marine, and Fishing Industry.

We develop Satellite-based Innovative and Reliable Solution that enable our customers to monitor and manage their vessels worldwide seamlessly

Inmarsat satellite based Type Approve Hardware provides dependable communication for remote Management of Assets in the Transportation, Maritime, Oil & Gas, Heavy Equipment Sectors.

Marine Fleet Management

Fleet operations are always under constant pressure to deliver more efficiency and should have accurate information to have a safe working environment for staff and protecting valuable assets.
Falcon Mega Solutions provides satellite communication hardware and web-based tracking platform to increase offshore communications to and from vessels, which makes easy to monitor and manage your fleet anywhere at any time.
Vessel tracking systems also improve vessel security, while cost-efficiently enforcing fishing or border regulations.
Marine Fleet Management
Ship Security Alert System Panic Button

Ship Security Alert System

Falcon Mega Solutions offers a series of Ship Security Alert System (SSAS) Hardware integrated with Falcon Mega Track ™ to help maximize security operations onboard.

Falcon Mega Solutions provides the world’s best Ship Security Alert System service using the most advanced IDP series of satellite terminals; as well as supporting existing Inmarsat C / Mini C type third party SSAS hardware.

Inmarsat-C SSAS Integration

Track your vessel without installing new Hardware

Third Party Inmarsat-C SSAS, stand alone or built-in Inmarsat-C Terminals can be integrated with Falcon Mega Track TM with basic and necessary features;

  • Furuno SSAS – Felcom 12, Felcom 15, Felcom 16, Felcom 18 and higher models;
  • JRC SSAS – JUE-75C, JUE-85C; JUE-95C, JUE-95SA;
  • Cobham – SAILOR 6120 mini-C SSAS;
Inmarsat-C SSAS Integration
Thuraya MarineStar Integration with Falcon Mega Track (FMT) Satellite Tracking Platform

Thuraya MarineStar

Track your vessel without installing new hardware. Thuraya MarineStar terminals can be integrated with Falcon Mega Track TM with basic and necessary features like,

  • Time-Based Tracking
  • Current Position Reporting
  • 5 Nearest Ports
  • Get 2 years tracking history
  • Astronomical Calculations
  • FMT Mobile Application
  • FMT control Panel

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