Ship Security Alert System

Sat-C SSAS With Falcon Mega Track

Falcon Mega Solutions provides Tracking & SSAS Alert Messaging services for all existing Inmarsat C terminals meeting SSAS requirements, while enabling valuable features.

Track your vessel without installing new Hardware

Third-Party Inmarsat-C SSAS, stand-alone or built-in Inmarsat-C Terminals can be integrated with Falcon Mega Track TM with basic and necessary features;

  • Furuno SSAS – Felcom 12, Felcom 15, Felcom 16, Felcom 18 and higher models;
  • JRC SSAS – JUE-75C, JUE-85C; JUE-95C, JUE-95SA;
  • Cobham – SAILOR TT 3000 Series, SAILOR 6000 Series mini-C SSAS;
Sat-c-SSAS Devices
Sat-c SSaS integration


  • No additional hardware is required; quick integration to Falcon Mega Track™
  • Secure HTTP Web Log-In
  • Position reports to unlimited emails, compatible with Smart Phones & Tablets;
  • Vessel Position on Map, Name, Range & Bearing of Proximity, and 5 nearest Ports;
  • Global Weather information;
  • Sun Rise, Sun Set, Noon, Twilight, Day Light Duration, Night Duration;
  • Fleet Location Report & Voyage Reports online, Exportable to Excel;
  • Track history for voyage analysis (2 Years);
  • Many other features;

Key Features

  • Once programmed, no technician is required to add or change alert message notification settings;
  • No limitation of notifications addresses to 3 or 4 emails/SMS;
  • Asset accurate position on graphical map;
  • Speed, average speed and distance moved from the last position and current position.
  • Proximity (city located in or most nearest one);
  • Weather forecasting and astronomical calculations e.g. Sun Rise/Set;
  • Five (5) nearest sea ports along with distance and bearing from vessel location;
  • Position report notification via email and SMS.

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