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Falcon Mega Track

FMT Control Panel

Falcon Mega Track

FMT Control Panel – The Remote Control of your Fleet

Falcon Mega Track ™ abbreviated FMT, is a user-friendly and feature-rich web application called FMT Control Panel, to provide full control over FMT Terminals installed onboard vessels.

FMT Control Panel is designed user-friendly and continuously improved to make it further user-friendly and to provide more data for easy visualization.

FMT Control Panel is accessed through secure website www.falconmegatrack.com

Key Benefits

FMT Control Panel is User Friendly

  • User Friendly Interface;
  • Secure (HTTPS) web servers;
  • Position Reporting – Time Based;
  • Position Reporting – Distance Based (Track by Distance);
  • Usage report for usage analysis;
  • Position report notification via email and SMS;
  • Prepaid (FMT-Unit) Billing System;
  • Poll for instant position reports;
  • Geo-Fencing alerts and notifications;
  • Track history for voyage analysis (2 Years);
  • Tools for voyage/route planning
falcon mega track reporting features

Reporting Features

We are trend setters of Vessel Reporting

Track of 5 positions on Maps

Astronomical calculations

Dawn Time, Sunrise Time, Solar Noon Time, Sunset Time, Dusk Time, Day Light Duration, Night Duration

Weather Forecast at Vessel’s Location

Temperature, Wind, Pressure, Visibility, Weather Condition

Proximity Names

Example: Okwori Offshore Terminal at Port Harcourt; Range: 59.6 NM Bearing: 51.5 Degree

Speed, Average Speed

Distance Moved from Last Position

Example: 5.8 NM from last TBD position (3° 13′ 45″ N, 6° 16′ 53″ E) in 30 minutes

Distance & Bearing of 5 Nearest Ports

Distance and Bearing from 5 nearest Ports


Low Prepaid Balance Warnings

Prepaid Billing

Prepaid Billing System Makes the Difference!

  • IDP Pay As You Go Plan
    The plan is economical for low budget customers whose basic need is to get 3 or less APR/day, with no extra features.
  • IDP 300 Units Monthly Allowance Plan
    The plan is economical for the customers whose want to use advanced tracking features in addition to 4 or more APR/Day.
  • Sat-C Pay As You Go Plan (Furuno, Sailor, JRC etc.)
    The plan is economical for the customers whose basic need is to get 4 or less APR/day, using their existing Sat-C Hardware onboard.
falcon mega track prepaid billing
falcon mega track v-mail reporting features

FMT Control Panel Controls the V-Mail running onboard


V-Mail with FMT Terminals

  • V-Mail Service Enable / Disable
  • Shore To Vessel Enable / Disable
  • SPAM Filtering
  • Character Max Limit to and fro Vessel

V-Mail with Inmarsat FleetBroadBand, Iridium, Thuraya, Terminals & Internet Connections

  • SPAM Filtering
  • Up to 80% Email Compression on V-Mail Client and Server
  • Up to 80% Compression of file before making attachments to the email
  • Email Body Size Limit Setting
  • Attachment Size Limit Setting
  • Attachment Allow & Disallow Control
  • Shore to Ship Email Control
  • Authorized and Blocked Senders List
  • Option of Fetching email Headers only, to perform various actions e.g. Download, Delete, Hold on Server etc.
ship security alert system and sat-c terminals

Inmarsat-C and SSAS Terminals

Inmarsat-C SSAS, stand-alone or built-in Inmarsat-C Terminals can be integrated with Falcon Mega Track TM with basic and necessary Tracking features;

  • Furuno SSAS – Felcom 12, Felcom 15, Felcom 16, Felcom 18 and higher models
  • JRC SSAS – JUE-75C, JUE-85C; JUE-95C, JUE-95SA
  • Cobham – SAILOR 6120 mini-C SSAS


  • Tracking
  • Ship Security Alert System
v-mail and fleetbroadband

Inmarsat FleetBroadband Terminals

Third Party Inmarsat’s flagship maritime service provides dependable, seamless voice and broadband data coverage across the world’s oceans.


  • V-Mail

300+ Customers

Active on Falcon Mega Track

60000+ Emails

Delivery by Falcon Mega Track

12000+ Positions

Reports Daily

2 Years History

of Vessel Positions & Air Time

24/7 Support

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18000+ FMT-Units

Consumption Daily