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About Falcon Mega Solutions

Falcon Mega Solutions (FMS) offers a state-of-the-art Tracking, monitoring, and Security of Marine and Land Assets through satellite systems. FMS is a proven tracking and security company. Our system has been successfully installed and being used by our lot of customers worldwide.

We develop innovative and reliable systems that enable our users to monitor and manage their assets worldwide. Our applications provide them the information they need to maximize operational performance and safeguard assets and crew.

Through our innovative product line and commitment to research and development we aim to be the dominant provider in the marine security, monitoring, tracking and surveillance segment of the marine electronics market worldwide. With innovative solutions offered across the maritime market to the commercial marine sector, governments, maritime administrations and fisheries. We have a unique understanding of the industry and our customers. Using the Inmarsat satellite constellation, our products enable dependable communication, tracking and monitoring of fixed and mobile assets anywhere in the world. Our applications are for remote management of assets in the transportation, maritime, mining, oil & gas, heavy SSAS or MAT Device and utilities sectors.

What is the SSAS System?

Falcon Mega Solutions series of Ship Security Alert System (SSAS) products is designed to ensure compliance with the ISPS code which requires every ship of over 500 tons on an international voyage to be equipped with a ship security alert system.

What is FMT-SSAS-V1?

FMT-SSAS-V1 offers a complete and dedicated Ship Security Alert System solution, meeting all the requirements of the SOLAS regulation XI-2/6 and associated performance standards. The FMT-SSAS-V1 package offers the end user a complete and dedicated SSAS solution, comprising the on-board hardware and the shore-based online management system

What is FMT-MAT-V1?

FMT-MAT-V1 is a ISatData Pro Terminal, programmed for Marine Applications like Marine Asset Tracking, Enables companies to track and monitor their vessels and boats, giving them increased visibility of business operations, enhanced efficiency, and greater safety and security for their vessels and boats – while lowering operational costs.

I already have FMT-MAT-V1 installed; Can I upgrade it to FMT-SSAS-V1?

Yes, you can very easily upgrade FMT-MAT-V1 to FMT-SSAS-V1 by just adding the master and slave junction have panic buttons on it. The upgrade can be done even by a ship electrician. All the FMT-MAT terminals are having installed FMT’s Tracking and SSAS software. After the hardware upgrade is done, FMS Tech support shall enable the SSAS features from the FMT servers.

How FMS's SSAS or MAT device is installed?

The FMT Hardware comes with the Installation Guide having complete information about the hardware and installation procedure. It is preferable to get the installation job done from FMS’s Approved Service Center Distributor (ASCD). In case ASCD is not available, then Ship Security Officer and ship electrician can carry out the installation as per Installation Manual.

Can ship Electrical Engineer installed and commission the SSAS or MAT device?

Yes, the Ship Electrical Engineer / Electrician can easily install the SSAS or MAT Device. For any technical assistance required, Contact Us

From where the power Supply of FMT-SSAS or FMT-MAT connected?

FMT-MAT-V1 and FMT-SSAS-V1 MUST be connected to the GMDSS power supply having a primary and reserve source of energy connection. In the unlikely event of power failure, the SSAS or MAT Device remains operational all the time.

How to confirm that SSAS or MAT Device is Powered up and operational?

On powering up the SSAS or MAT Device the LED on terminal blinks for 5sec and then goes off. For more details, refer to the respective installation manual of the SSAS or MAT Device.

What is operational cost of SSAS or MAT Devices?

Falcon Mega Track (FMT) Service is based on Credits (Units). Document “FMS-Tracking Service Charges (Air Time)” contains complete detail about the charges and Credits are consumed.

Is there any monthly subscription for service?

FMT deducts 10 Units per day (300 Units per month) as service charges, and then units are deducted based on the usage i.e. number of reports obtained per day, which is a user-defined setting and can be changed by the users at their ease. Unit-based system help customers in cost control, which simply means minimum charges where the device is not being used.

Do I need to register the SSAS or MAT Device to the PSA (accounting authority)?

Unlike regular Inmarsat C units, there is No activation required from any PSA (Radio Accounting Authority) for FMS devices. Falcon Mega Solutions does the activation upon the request of the Distributors or customer by filling the request forms.

Do I need a Technician every time to go onboard to reprogram the e-mail address for the alert scripts?

No, once installed, all the parameter programming and re-programming is controlled through FMS Tracking Portal www.falconmegatrack.com

In case of Pirates / Armed Robbers Attack, how i can get immediate position report?

In case of unlikely events of Pirates / Armed Robbers attack, ship will press one of the Panic Button and, CSO and Vessel Management will be immediately alerted by email and SMS with vessel position, where SSAS Device is installed.
Where MAT Device is installed users can log on the Falcon Mega Track website www.falconmegatrack.com with user name and password, and poll the current vessel position to get immediate position report by email and/or SMS in addition to regular reporting. Asset Map option will show the vessel current position and history.

How many email , phone numbers I can program in the FMT-SSAS or FMT-MAT?

Unlimited E-Mail address and mobile phone number (for SMS) can be programmed in the system.

Can I give limited access to others, on Falcon Mega Track, to view Vessels?

Yes, you as Master User can generate new Assistant Log-In, which has a limited access, to the office assistants, and View Log-In to customers or other office staff. This generated log-ins are fully controlled by the Master User.

What is the Coverage Area of FMS Device?

The devices using Inmarsat/SkyWave network FMT-MAT-V1 and FMT-SSAS-V1 have global beam coverage extends from latitudes of −82 to +82 degrees regardless of longitude.
For more information, please refer to the Brochure of the particular model of device.

If I have existing SSAS installed onboard, is there any way to register with Falcon Mega Track in order to get daily position reports?

If your vessel already have Inmarsat C, Mini-C, TT-3000SSA, or LRIT equipment installed onboard your vessel, you can used it to track your vessel, and route the SSAS Alerts and Tests through www.falconmegatrack.com; following ship borne Sat-C equipment are supported, but not limited to;

See details at https://falconmegasolutions.com/sat-c-ssas-integration/

Fleet Management to Inmarsat-c/ Mini C

Falcon Mega Solutions has capability to support existing Inmarsat C / Mini C SSAS or MAT Device on-board the vessel. Inmarsat C / Mini C SSAS or MAT Device can be used for Fleet Management (Vessel Tracking Service) as well as for Ship Security Alert System.

Ship Security Alert System using Inmarsat C / Mini C SSAS or MAT Device can be integrated in our “Falcon Mega Track”, State of the Art tracking platform, to receive and manage your SSAS remotely by CSO, and to receive enhanced Ship Security Alerts and Tests with vessel’s position on the Map and a lot more information which can not be achieved without the integration your SSAS in to our platform.

With Inmarsat C and Mini C already installed on your vessel, we are sure that you can get benefit of a wide range of functionality, including: Data Reporting, Polling, and Vessel Monitoring System.

Falcon Mega Solutions is able to program Inmarsat C and Mini C terminals remotely over the satellite. We just need permission from the vessel owner/managers in writing, by filling up our Account Setup Form. After that our supporting team will integrate your terminals with Falcon Mega Track, dedicated fleet management services, without giving any hassle to the vessel owners.

For SSAS, once for all a technician will be required to rout the alerts and tests through Falcon Mega Track, and then rest of the settings of emails and SMS shall be managed from our Platform without any 2nd need of technician to go onboard the vessel.

Advantages using FMT-SSAS or FMT-MAT over other service providers
  • Innovative and Reliable Solution;
  • Inmarsat – Guaranty of Reliability & Global Coverage; Truly satellite based service, and truly Global Coverage;
  • Type Approve Hardware at Low cost;
  • Credit based payment system for budget management;
  • Customized Solutions for Military, Marine, Offshore;
  • User Friendly Web Interface for easy control of the Tracking Device;
  • A Secure Service, access by Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) web servers;
  • Online usage Report / Analysis;
  • Track History for voyage analysis (2 Years);
  • Enhance Technical and Customer Support;
  • Quick and Easy Installation and Quick Activation, can be used immediately after installation;
  • Can be installed with GMDSS Power from 9~30VDC. Extremely low power consumption;
  • Manage fleet security using a proven and reliable Ship Security Alert System;
  • Easy Testing, with Test Button. No coordination is required between the vessel and the CSO for conducting schedule tests.
  • Set up secure logins to limit access to authorized parties.
  • Control distribution of data to designated recipients.
  • Alerts, polling and vessel positions.
  • The SSAS is capable of being tested as per IMO requirement. FMS has made it easy to do the testing with the help of Test Button On-board, without going through complicated procedures and co-ordination over phone. The SSAS comes to its normal mode as soon as test is completed.
  • Backup System for communication from Ship to Shore and Shore to Ship via Inmarsat.
  • Falcon Mega Solutions is the innovator of “Track by Distance” feature. Customers track the vessel by distance moved pre-set in the system. The vessel will send the position reports when set distance is travelled. The distance parameter setting can be set between 1 to 100 Miles. This feature has very high priority over “Track by Time Interval”, where vessel may go somewhere and come back to same location between the two position reports sent against time, but track by distance can record all the movements of the vessel, which is really a true tracking of a vessel or object;
  • Prepaid Service so no surprise to vessel management for excess billing at the end of the month;
  • Totally controlled by CSO remotely and no technician is required onboard the vessel for programming, (which requires in case of Sailor TT-3000SSA, Furuno Felcom-15/16 etc…).
  • Registration with Accounting Authority (PSA) is not required;
  • Position updates with Map by email on PC or Smart Phone, SMS Update for non-Smart Phone;
  • Speed, Average Speed, and Distance Moved from the last position;
  • Distance and Bearing of 5 nearest Sea Ports; Proximity (City, Port or Land Mark);
  • Astronomical Calculations for Sun Rise, Sun Set, Noon, Twilight, Day Light Duration, Night Duration.
  • Online usage report for usage analysis; Tools for voyage/route planning;
  • Poll a vessel for immediate position at any particular time;
  • Geo-Fencing alerts and notifications;
  • Track history for voyage analysis (2 Years);
  • Global Weather information and forecasting;
  • Many More Features . . . . .
Disadvantages of using existing SSAS?
  • No daily position reporting until you integrate your SSAS with Falcon Mega Solutions.
  • You can not use track by distance feature invented by Falcon Mega Solutions.
  • Each time Radio Technician is required to visit the vessel when the vessel static information, e-mail of the alert receipts are needed to be changed.